4kw Deep Bore Solar Pumping System


Based in Katherine, Limbunya Station, owned by North Star Pastoral, is located 650km south west of Katherine. The station is 5200 sqkm and runs 37,000 head of Brahman.

Historically, solar pumping systems struggled to provide sufficient daily water needs with many pastoralists in the Northern Territory, having the common problem of deep water tables that are often in excess of 100 metres.

With the help of Shane from McWhirter & McGrath, a Lorentz PS600HR14-2 Solar Pumping System with Viton Stator was proposed to be installed with the capability to pump 2.6 m3/hour at 50 metres TDH. It is also the only pump in the market utilising a high efficiency, brushless DC motor rated to 4kw.

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If required, the Lorentz PS4000 Helical Rotor pump can produce up to 450 metres head.

An option was also provided to allow for the running of a generator set utilising the Lorentz Sunswitch for irradiance detection, the PP4000 for both PV or grid/generator input and a ReAqua automatic changeover control panel.

The result saw a daily output at the required 100 metres head, averaging out 25,000 litres and is sufficient for one tank fill each and every day of the year.

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