LORENTZ PS2 Solar Pumping Systems

The PS2 is the latest generation of LORENTZ's high efficiency, reliable solar water pumping systems. The PS2 has a range of controllers and motor sizes up to 4KW in size and can be coupled with an extensive range of pumps for submersible, surface or swimming pool applications.

The Lorentz solar pump range of DC powered helical rotor and centrifugal pumps have been designed specifically to pump water efficiently using solar power, for a large range of head and flow requirements in both surface and submersible applications. The pumps are simple, efficient and reliable, and are capable of pumping water with very low levels of solar power.

Each system consists of a pump, motor and a controller. This modular design concept keeps all electronics above ground providing, simple servicing, ease of access and a low cost of ownership.

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Flow rate to 78m3/h

Flow rate to 78m3/h

LORENTZ surface pumps are available with flows of up to 78m3/h.

Head up to 450m

Head up to 450m

LORENTZ submersible pumps are available to pump from up to depths of 450m.

Complete Solution

Complete Solution

Fully integrated solar pumping solution to improve water security and sustainability.

German Engineering

German Engineering

Dedicated solar engineering team, solid stainless steel construction.

Off the grid hybrid

Off the grid hybrid

Can run standalone solar or seamless blend with diesel generator or mains power.




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Download Information on NSW Rural Assistance Authority

Download the Lorentz PS2-150 datasheet

Download the Lorentz PS2-200 datasheet

Download the Lorentz PS2-600 datasheet

Download the Lorentz PS2-1800 datasheet

Download the Lorentz PS2-4000 datasheet

Download the Lorentz Warranty

Download the Lorentz PS2-150 to PS2-4000 Manual for Installation and Operation

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