October 6, 2016

REAQUA is excited to announce that in mid-September 2016 LORENTZ released the next generation in solar water pumping systems.

The PS2, which replaces the current PS system, features all the inputs and outputs required for an integrated self-managing system for small to medium sized applications.

Whether your need is to reduce operational costs, improve water security, or be more sustainable, the PS2 is the most efficient system available, delivering 30% to over 1000% more water than competitors’ products, depending on weather conditions.

Key features include:

  • Designed to be a complete solar water pumping system comprising of a specialised pump controller and carefully matched pumps;
  • Increased serviceability making it easy to install and service;
  • Sun Sensor module is supplied to measure irradiation and control the pump based on available solar energy;
  • In-built applications to limit or to provide minimum pressure and flow;
  • Automatic logging of all running pump data. Recording frequency is configurable with capacity for up to 10 years;
  • In-built timers for providing time of day or interval timing control;
  • All new electronics, but with full backwards compatibility to current PS system.

Like every LORENTZ system, PS2 is designed for off grid solar water pumping, however the new range can connect to more sensors than even before and the inbuilt software applications allow for more creative solutions.

The PS2 can be simply programmed to the PumpScanner App, which details real time and stores data directly from the system to your Smart Phone.

In addition, all PS2 systems have inbuilt data logging and a simple management interface. All systems can also be remotely monitored and managed via the pumpMANAGER service.

REAQUA staff have the local knowledge, access to the right tools and information to plan a PS2 system accurately for you that will deliver you a highly efficient, low cost solar water pumping system.

View the PS2 Brochure

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