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Our Approach

We are committed to making small and large scale solar pumping simple and affordable for farmers across irrigation, livestock, horticulture, sugar, dairy and more.

ReAqua mission

The ReAqua mission is simple — deliver quality solar pumping products, backed by a highly skilled team, that can satisfy the most complex solar pumping requirements. ReAqua understands that water is the lifeblood of your business and we are the market leaders in delivering turn-key solutions that are economically and environmentally sound.

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Our “6 Step” Approach



Your requirements with local dealers is what matters to us. You can talk to face to face with people who live in and understand your local area.



We aim to design the most efficient, reliable and economically feasible solution to meet your application’s requirements.


LORENTZ are the world’s leading quality solar products and solutions that are second to none. They have been designing, engineering and manufacturing solar pumps for over 20 years and manufacture the largest range of solar pumps on the market today.


Professional installation is always carried out by a highly trained, nationwide network of dealers. Correct installation means you can trust your pump to operate smoothly and hassle-free.


Local Service

Superior after-sales service – provided by expert local dealers with extensive industry knowledge and experience. This ensures you receive the right advice, quick turnaround times and downtime is kept to a minimum.


We constantly invest in research, development and implementation of new ideas and solutions to maintain our position as the market leader and keep our customers ahead of the game.

The Result

Highly efficient solar pumping systems, which result in increased water production and reduced ongoing operating costs.

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ReAqua is Australia’s solar pumping specialist, harnessing free, renewable energy from the sun to supply your agricultural and domestic water needs.

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