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A market leader in solar powered water pumping solutions, LORENTZ uses the power of the sun to pump water, sustaining and enhancing the life of millions of people, their livestock and crops.

ReAqua is the authorised Australian Distributor of the Lorentz range of solar pumps and controllers, supporting a growing dealer network across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

ReAqua guarantees customers that its highly skilled network of installers and service technicians are trained professionals with extensive experience in installing and monitoring Lorentz products.

You can join this exclusive network and take advantage of the many benefits including our commitment to:

  • Promote our partners alongside our products
  • Provide premium information, infrastructure, software, sales and marketing tools and technical support
  • Provide product margins to sustain an interesting and healthy business
  • Make the solar pump business as easy as we can

If you would like to join the hundreds of partners who are selling and installing Lorentz products around the world, or to learn more about the advantages of being part of the ReAqua partner network please contact us. Someone from our team will be in touch to discuss the opportunity further with you.


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