REAQUA Large-Scale Solar Solutions

REAQUA designs and develops its own range of large-scale solar irrigation pumping systems, capable of delivering flows of over 200 L/s and heads of over 200 metres.

These systems are custom designed specifically for large irrigation applications such as cotton, sugar or horticulture and can be used to deliver water directly into storage or into a pressurised irrigation system such as a pivot or drip system.

ReAqua are proud to have installed Australia’s largest solar diesel hybrid irrigation system for a cotton farm in Central NSW. A 500kW solar array will power a 14” turbine bore pump delivering 15 megs of water per day during peak season.

Our expertise and experience in large-scale irrigation is driven by the Lee brothers who own both ReAqua and Lambert & Torrens — a specialist large-scale irrigation pumping business in North West NSW.

Lambert & Torrens led the development of the irrigation sector in the Gwydir valley in the early 1980s, which provides ReAqua with a deep understanding of the needs of large-scale irrigation farmers.

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