Solar Irrigation

REAQUA are committed to making large and small scale solar pumping simple and affordable for irrigation farmers across cotton, horticulture, sugar and more.

The Lorentz PSK2 range has the ability to provide solar pumping solutions for major livestock operations as well as small to medium sized solar irrigation projects. The PSk2 system can operate exclusively on solar power, or with Lorentz’s PSk2 Smart Solution option (Smart PSU) which provides a true hybrid pumping system. Where water demands cannot be met by solar power alone the hybrid PSk2 Smart Solution seamlessly blends with external grid or generator power sources on demand.

ReAqua also brings together their own team of large scale solar irrigation solutions that includes solar design certified engineers, pump design and repair experts, logistics experts and off-grid certified solar electricians to deliver a customised solution tailored to your needs.

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LORENTZ PSk2 Small-Scale Solar Solutions

The PSk2 range is the larger generation of LORENTZ’s complete solar water pumping systems, capable of delivering water for major livestock operations as well as small to medium sized irrigation projects, typically up to 2 mega-litres a day.

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Large-Scale Solar Solutions

REAQUA’s large scale solar projects are unique to every one of our customers. The technology is new and evolving, so we adopt a very hands-on approach that focuses on a few key principles.

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