November 15, 2017

The Tamara Date Cooperative located in Australia’s Red Centre just south of Alice Springs, has made the switch to solar pumping, limiting their use of diesel, their carbon footprint and increasing the pace of growth for their orchard.

Ben Speirs, member of the Tamara Date Cooperative which runs the farm, says the 18 kilowatt solar pumping system will deliver water from the farms bores all year round.

The new system delivers more water than their previous diesel system with no running costs, which is now allowing the farm to look at potentially doubling the size of the Orchard in the coming years.

System setup:
Application: 4Ha Pressurised Drip Irrigation System
Flow: 300,000 litres/day
Pump Depth: 45 metres

Read more of The Tamara Date Cooperatives journey from diesel to solar pumping and how they believe it is a step in the right direction to harvest more dates and empower others to make the switch to solar.

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