Travelling Irrigator for Stock Feed


Located in Tasmania, our client had notice a steady increase in beef prices so saw value in being able to increase the carrying capacity of his property – more water equals more cattle.

With ongoing drought conditions the installation of a LORENTZ solar pumping system for his travelling irrigation provided an increased level of confidence to plan for the longer term with a lower operational cost base.

While the solar pump installation was capitally more expensive, the longer-term savings gave a better ROI than reconnection of the grid supply.

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REAQUA Partner, DMS Energy, installed a Lorentz PS4000 CSJ8-5 submersible centrifugal pump mounted on a dam float. The system runs from 4.2kw of solar and drives a Rodney RI20 Irrigator, producing an average of 2 litres per second at 50 metres. The installation allowed the client to use an underutilised water source to drought proof a section of property.

With many other farmers burning money irrigating just to keep stock alive or destocking back to breeding stock only, the solar pumping installation has given this client the ability to maintain stock levels without spending thousands of dollars per month on electricity costs.

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